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Floral Arrangements for All Occasions

Order a floral arrangement for delivery on Lummi Island for all occasions: wedding, birthday, anniversary, get-well, baby, graduation or just because. Our floral arrangements range in price depending on size and flower type. They include a vase, bowl or basket, ribbon, and gift card.




Choices of flowers are limited to seasonal availability. Check out our Bloom Chart that tells when flowers bloomed locally in 2006. You may specify colors.

  To order floral arrangements for delivery on Lummi Island:
  Use the shopping cart to pay with credit card via PayPal   or call 360 510-9508
  or e-mail

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Order a vase, basket or centerpiece:
  Small  $50.00
  Medium  $60.00
  Large  $75.00
  Extra Large  $100.00


In Victorian times, flowers were used to send messages, with each type of flower and herb having a specific meaning. We have put together a list of flowers and herbs along with their associated meanings. You may find it here. (note: this is a pdf file)